Monday, February 13, 2012

Did I Mention Our Home Was Small?

Too small for more thrifted finds but I am selective I swear! Last Friday we headed into town for a bit of op-shopping and a quick trip to the tip shop too. Little did I know that Kade was waiting in the school sick bay all afternoon looking all pale and with a terrible tummy, a mothers comeuppance for leaving the house during school time!

A few of my latest finds include:

Large metal flower frog/spike with free dirt and souvenir bell.

Can you see the wheat etched into the glasses? Super fine vintage glass set in perfect condition, only trouble is I have no cupboard space!

Another eiderdown but it is super ratty, though it doesn't look it. It is missing a lot of the stuffing, so not sure what it will be yet.

The two paintings were half price, not bad at $3.00 each.

I love rummaging around the painting section of the tip shop, you just never know what could be hiding in there. This painting now gives some sort of decorative meaning to my riding hat which is sitting below it.

Last, but not least, Mary found her way home too. She cost a pretty penny, but as they are very hard to find, I would kick myself if I didn't buy her.

Are you using the new blogger interface? What do you think? I can see some positives, but it has been a bit of fiddling around, and its doing all sorts of crazy! Argh!!!! (I've reverted back to the old interface, I just can't get the formatting of my post right).

A bit hello to my newest (and all) followers, its nice to have you on board! Have a wonderful week and a lovely Valentines tomorrow, T x


Vintage Sweetheart said...

You did very well! I love the pictures the best. I don't like the new blogger interface for dashboard and the blog it's self. Too neat and tidy for my messy mind. xx

Kylie said...

Oh Tam, you know I'm gonna say how much I love and adore your newest Mary don't you. I am also insanely jealous! I have found a few religious bits lately too, will show them eventually...
The eiderdown is beautiful as are the glasses and those flower paintings (bargain city there!)
I use my fower frogs for displaying old post cards, photos etc
Have a lovely week won't you x

Catherine said...

Of course you had to grab Mary! I adore the fabric of the eiderdown...shame they're not always in brilliant condition & are a real bugger to wash. Yip the picture & the riding hat look great together. Funny...I made my self have a go with the new interface months ago & hated it but kept going & then didn't actually revert back, so I'd forgotten all about the change over. I don't actually have any problems in the main now that I've adjusted. Have a lovely week. Hope that Kade is feeling better poor love. x0x0

the old boathouse said...

Love the hunt picture! My house is small too. I operate on a one in one out method now ... It works about two thirds of the time so we are slowly being gobbled up by treasures still.

Unknown said...

I love the eidy its gorgeous and Mary,she's lovely too, I found a mary at the dump many years ago for 50p, it was beautiful but gave it to my bestest friend as it looked just like her!! its still in her bathroom.
I swapped to the new interface last week, hence the new blog design, good time for a fresh start as everthing went squiffy,,,took a bit of getting used to but fine now, actually prefere it xx
p.s my house is too small for more stuff too!!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

The hunting picture looks just right with your riding hat. Love the pictures - great finds.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Miss Simmonds Says said...

no blogger interface as it may not work at work - and I need blogger at work to keep me sane!
Love the eiderdown! Fab pattern!

Deborah said...

Love your buys T especially Mary :) I had a look at the new blogger thing but didn't like it so didn't change. Hope you have a great week :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

PS hope Kade is feeling better.

vintage mum said...

oops I left a statue of Mary in a C.S. last week didn't know they were that sort after, and sometimes you just have to say NO MORE :)
ps The snows almost gone
Cate x

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love your eider down it!
all your treasures ......drooling!

Unknown said...

Hello Tam. I switched to the new interface early and had forgotten it is new.

You seem to have such an eye for little gems maybe you need to go even larger next time and buy an extension to your home? It could be custom-built especially as a treasure-trove.

vintageandart said...

l'm still using the old interface too....not a fan of change in the techno department. Lovin' the horse and hounds painting and it looks so very British there above the riding hat. Love your Mary too...what an awesome pickup. Hope Kade is on the mend, there's a few nasty bugs around at the mome.

Hello Vintage said...

Hi! The glasses are very elegant. I have trouble with lack of space here too (until we actually move into the extension - when that will be who knows??!!). I love the first painting, it's hard to turn them down when they are so cheap! I tried the new interface but have found my way back to the old one for now.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Bugger! I left you out! How did I do that. Consider this your nomination!