Saturday, January 21, 2012

The One Armed Boxer and Other Thrifting Finds: Part 1

I dragged the kids out for a day of thrifting Wednesday morning; the lure of Maccas breakfast was too great (they would not have left the house otherwise). Unbeknown to us, we picked the hottest day to venture out, we thought it was only going to be 29 deg C but apparently it reached 33 deg C. It was so damn hot, the tip shop shed was a million degrees, the kids came out with red cheeks and itchy armpits. We did, however, leave with a few bargains in tow. The car was full to the brim, so our intentions of doing food shopping on the way home was quashed.

Thrifting: 1, Food shopping: 0

The one armed boxer missing his base. He's an oldie, made of brass not plastic, so he was definitely coming home.

I was amazed that this 7 piece Davidson or Bagley depression glass dessert piece was in perfect condition, found at the tip shop for $30. I have a few other pieces in the same pattern, in pink and blue, including a cake stand and berry bowls.

Could you imagine yourself sipping Tang from these beauties? I have the old glass tang jug so these will be fantastic for our pizza dining. Four glasses with original stand $15 opshop.

Ok, this little fellow wasn't thrifted, but he was so cute that he had to come home too.

The cane table came for the opshop which doesn't normally have furniture and it only arrived that morning. It was priced at $25, a bit exie for an oppie, but not for what it was so it became a passenger in the back seat. I will probably remove the vinyl contact.

The glass panels on the top belong to the cupboard below...

This was my favourite find of the day, and hence no room in the boot for food. It is quite tall, probably 150cm?? It needs a makeover, but is perfect for my studio to hold bits and bobs. The glass sits in the top as sliding doors.

A Readers Digest 12" globe, a little tattered and dented, but is cool because it swivels up and down and around.

A trolley from Y's Buys for $5, great for the next swap meet, Goulburn 1st April, not too far away.

But wait there's more!.... but I will leave them for another post. Enjoy your weekend, T x


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Those glasses are so cool! You did so well. I'd pick thrifting over food shopping anyday ha ha.xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Nice haul there! Love the green depression glass set & the cool glasses. I have a bit of a thing for globes as well. If only storage room didn't pose such a problem....just as well I suppose or my collections would be out of control! Xx

*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara. Trovi sempre delle vere delizie...mi piace tantissimo il set in vetro verde ed il mappamondo!!
Buon weekend, *Maristella+.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love the dessert set - great shade of green and the bowl is a gorgeous shape. Great finds!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Kylie said...

Good on you Tam, lot's of lovely treasures there. We went to an awesome garage sale today, but late, so it was pretty much picked over by the time we got there...bought three amazing industrial light shades complete with glass inner shades for 15 bucks each. Total bargain and perfect for our new extension. Also more religionalia. Yay!

Hello Vintage said...

How funny, I just commented on 'my vintage life blog' that I have been after a globe as she had one she had just found also! I can't belive your green glass, very jealous. The tip shop here is pretty pathetic, lots of stuff but everything has something wrong with it, hmm, I guess that is why it got chucked out in the first place. The glasses are a brilliant find too! Love them. I can't even bribe my son to come to garage sales with me, maybe when the kids are a bit

Kimmie said...

Wow what a great haul of treasures. My tip here in Brissy is boring shop like when I lived in Melbourne sigh!

Catherine said...

The heat sure changes everything..not quite the same doing my gardening jobs in 30 degrees. The green glass was a happy find. I love pressed & depression glass & use it all the's so sturdy! Love Catherine

vintage mum said...

Looks like you had a good day out.
We have a few bits of cane furniture the best being a little shelf unit, as we were leaving a boot fair last year I saw it, expecting a fiver or so but the man said "take it I don't want it, I just need to get rid of stuff"
Cate x

simmone said...

Great lot of goodies you found,esp. love the cane table and dresser. The wet has been keeping us home bound of late.

Ava said...

I am so envious of all your treasure...also swooning over your axminster rug under your very cute trolley xx