Sunday, December 4, 2011

YMCA finds and a pizza oven

We headed off for a quick whip around at the final YMCA sale of the year. While the kids and the Mr played in the park I managed to find a few bargains, even though it was already 2 hours into the sale.

Some chrissy decorations for the kids tree. Vintage tupperware jelly moulds, great for holding beads etc, in the studio.

English silver jug, bonbon dish and tiny trophy.

Super cool 1966 Batman and Robin melanine plate, glass knife rest, leather shoe shine kit, cake topper, and bugs in a car.

Repousse cooper plaque, Hail Mary prayer in original box and sweet cottage tapestry $1.

I could not pass up the hotdog cook book, even though it does not look very appetising, the Mr loves a good hotdog. Another Yates gardening book, I think we have ever edition, the cover on this one is great.

Snagged a vintage eiderdown, for $4! There was a grumble from the old man, something about how many we have and that I will have to sell some. Never!

After a huge downpour this morning, it has brightened up a bit. The Mr is building our pizza oven today, ready for xmas, lets hope the rain stays at bay.

Wishing you all a fabulous December and all the the festive season brings.

Sorry I have not been around much, the kids are too busy playing minecraft, I only get a look in every now and then!


Unknown said...

I am amazed you managed to find so much; how on earth do you manage to carry it all home?

There is one thing I would not have guessed its use; the glass knife rest. I have never heard of these before.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Blimey, Tamara, I'm reeling from the shock of 250 ways to cook a hotdOg!

Kylie said...

Oh Tam, that eiderdown is a beauty. I bet you were thrilled to snag that one!
You found loads of great bits and pieces...that 21st cake topper is probably my favourite, I love things like that, but it's all lovely.

p.s. I wouldn't mind unscrewing that gorgeous old YMCA sign and bringing it home...ha-ha!

vintageandart said...

What great treasure even if you were two hours late...the eiderdown is awesome, love the colours and only $4- score l reckon. Rosary instructions..who'da thunk, theyre my fave. l too find it amazing that the humble hotdog can be so versatile and the silver jug was a real find. Hope the rain stays away for a few days for's the same here and frankly I'm over it.

theromanticrose said...

Andare alle vendite รจ sempre divertente!Baci e buona domenica!Rosetta

Unknown said...

You can never have enough eidy's in my opinion! Some lovely things you found. Pizza oven sounds great, love to see the pics of finished result my hubs has wanted one for ages.....
hope you are ok, xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Great finds. My Nanna had that big Santa under her tree. I think we might have it now, you make me want to search for it now. I just love the colours on that eiderdown, too many no way.


Shortbread and Ginger said...

Great finds! Pizza oven - dreams are made of this! Enjoy!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

simmone said...

Love that Batman plate,lol,I'm on kid computer time at the moment. Whose the boss anyway!

Hello Vintage said...

I love the big santa in the first pic, he looks so jolly. Also the glass knife rest, I will have to keep an eye out for them because I am sure they would be easily over looked. The Hot Dog cook book is classic - lol. Sherry :)