Wednesday, June 15, 2011


O.k., so I thought that I should let you see what I look like. This is the first time and probably the last that I will probably post a photo. I need some botox, lose 10 thousand kilos and I just dyed my hair (its normally a lighter dark brown if that makes sense) as I am starting to turn grey, as you know I am nearly 40!!!. Damn you old age!!!!

p.s. That thing on my nose is my nose stud, haha.


Nelly said...

What a lovely picture and you must show youyrsef more you are pretty and those gorgeous eyes and dont tell me you have lovely gypsy hair? (thats hair thats curly and hair I always wanted) and you are young compared to me with near 7 years on top of you and please dont mention greys I think I get a new one each time I see that word mentioned.I was shy when I did my 1st me post too now I dont care tho I take lots b4 I post lol

*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara...bellissima!! Tu sei proprio come io ti immaginavo...OK!
E bellissime sono le tue antiche cose....che meraviglia!
Un bacione, *Maristella*.

Vintage Jane said...

Bah, younger than me, pretty, AND you have the long, dark, curly that I have always dreamed of having! M x

Scarlett said...

Great to put a face to the lovely blog! Very spooky as I just put a picture on my blog post (not a very good one of course as Im still blog shy!). Mwah Scarlett nx

Kimmie said...
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Kimmie said...

OOPS typo prior

Hi Tam!
You are absolutely gorgeous~!
My fav of you is the bottom piccie.
Don't worry about turning 40, I turn 45 in November and I also colour my hair hehehe!



Hello Vintage said...

You look friendly. Love your long hair. I grew up with long hair and thought I would keep it but it just keeps getting shorter and shorter. Great pics.

Gracie's Cottage said...

You're adorable Tam, and 40 is nothing...(and I can assure that life just keeps getting better!)


polkadotpeticoat said...

Why would you be camera shy, your so beautiful I love your hair!
remember on my other blog I took that one picture, but that was it too!
and about the gray.....I color! thank God for color!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to know what you look like! it's very weird as my brain had come up with a picture of you! which is nothing like the real you!! I now have to get rid of the other you, and picture the real you!!!! it's all very confusing, I am also very pleased to meet a fellow plait wearer........
And you shouldn't be camera shy as your lovely just the way you are! x

nato said...

Its nice to know how to imagine you when i am passing by your blog.
Tam please send me your address so i can send your package,


simmone said...

Funny, I imagined you as a brunette (natural) and nice of you to say how old we're getting lol! Oh and I love your kitchen cupboard, so many pretties!

vintageandart said...

You look sooo pretty and l love your hair, for some reason l imagined you with dark straight hair but the real yours is way better. NOT EVEN 40 youre just a whippper snapper gal... Thanks for sharing your piccies it was fun!!!

Catherine said...

ha, ha you're out now!! ; ) wasn't that bad was it?? I'm with Sophie otherwise we build up false pictures in our heads...remember when SVJ did her pics!! soooo not what I had envisaged (of her) but now I no longer suffer image confusion...much better... all lovely : ) Oh yes, thanks so much for the sweet offer on the swan but I best leave him with you I have three so that might be enough just for now. "See" you again soon ; ) x

petals and vintage said...

Hi Tam,
It's great to see a face to the name. Thanks for sharing - you gorgeous thing you!!

Pam x

the old boathouse said...

Hello "me", fun to see a photo. You are actually very much as I thought you would look, an english rose, just beautiful. I have decided to just "get over it girl" and have posted a pic of me too ha. I have been growing my hair I normally have it short short, like a boys. But I longed for what I call the "security of a plait" It is now long enough to wear up, very strange. But I have stopped colouring it, bad bad idea much grey, I am 39 this year so we are much the same age. Have you been watching housewives beverly hills...silly question I know ha...Sooo good. Oh kelsey grammars wife is so annoying but I love it ha..

*Susycottage* said...

Hello Tamara,
but you're younger than me!
And now I know who you are,
very cute!
a hug
Suzy x