Thursday, March 10, 2011

Party Preparations

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post :)

Its nearly that time again...Indias's 7th birthday is fast approaching (May). Can't believe this time last year I was painting our granny flat for her last party; the last year has gone so fast.

We found these super cute tiny cupcake girls at Top Bargain for $1.50 a piece, these will be added to the party favours. The pinwheels were found at Top Dollar for $2.00 for the bag of 12. I'll let you know if I find some more cute party pieces.

India is only inviting up to 6 girls this year, for a makeover/pedi/manicure party and sleep over. I have been trying to source peel off non toxic nail polish for children. I found a product in Australia, but has been discontinued...boohoo. I did find a product by Sula (USA) that I might be able to buy. If you know of any kid friendly products (makeup or polish), could you drop me a line...many thanks.

Have a lovely day whatever you have planned.


vintage mum said...

E Bay had lots of little girl make-up but no peelable nailpolish. I will look around for you
Cate x

Lyndel said...

I'm loving the RD Orchids dinner set more than the little cupcake girls..(but the girls are cute!).♥