Saturday, March 26, 2011

2011 ACT Miniature Fair and Dollhouse Show

Little Miss and I headed off this morning to the annual ACT miniature Fair and Dollhouse Show. It was the first time we have been and it was pretty good. Apart from driving around looking for a car park.'s so much better living in the country.

The little blue wren was a favourite find for Little Miss today. We have a blue wren that lives in our garden and every spring he taps on the window, eating bugs. The kids call him bluey and are excited to see him every year. She also selected the little paper flowers.

The blue/green cupboard was an Ebay find. As was the ceramic Lavender Lady statue, purchased from vrjwm from the UK.

We also came home with a miniature lounge by Jiayi. Its soft and squishy and tufted, just like the real thing.

The hand made cushions were an Etsy purchase, GIGI N STUDIO.

This is our real life size chesterfield lounge. I made the cushions from flour sacks in this post.

Below are a few shots of the doll house so far.

A little shot of the bedroom dressing table. The Victorian cards, dressing pattern kit, and Queen Victoria bust were all purchased from Ebay.

The little perfume bottles I made from a few beads and a tortoise shell button as the tray.

This fantastic miniature water colour was hand painted by Annette M Crawley, another UK find and was purchased here. The detail is incredible, especially as it is only 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" in size.

Another quality street tin :) although this is the tiniest that I will ever find.

Here is a shot of the progress in the kitchen. I still need a sink (I want a butlers/belfast sink)and blinds.

A closeup of the little shelf. The Queen Elizabeth plate is amazing as well. It is ceramic and the detail is incredible, purchased here.

Don't forget the Goulburn Swap Meet next Sunday 3rd April...see you at 7:oo am near the egg and bacon rolls:)

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petals and vintage said...

This doll's house looks better than my house. Bet you are having loads of fun!

Love the cushions in the little house and the cushions in the big house.

Pam x

Lyndel said...

oh what a beautiful dolls house that is becoming! I love your very innovative Perfume Bottles!

Nelly said...

Just showed Miss 10 and she said wow thats cool and amazing.I am also loving it and will give it a go one day if I ever find a nice dolls house for Miss 4.5 I know where to come for tips dont I?

the old boathouse said...

This is just Devine. I am really getting back into dolls houses....very dangerous. Not a doll house but I remember seeing a documentary when I was about 10 on the queen and princess margarets cubby house, if you could call it that. The queen was standing outside and annes daughter was inside. I can't remember her name...Zara? Maybe, anyway it had real running water and a mini, mini grandfather Incredible. It was two story and had it's own garden....sigh. You would love it I know xx katherine

A Treasured Past said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words re. our dolls house. It sure has been fun so far, and because we are selecting special pieces I am sure India will treasure it always. Tam x

vintageandart said...

Tamara your dollshouse is incredible. The attention to detail and scale is just inspiring. It's amazing you can find these little treasures not to mention see them!! Most mortals would need a magnifying glass. Loved the cushions a lot.... both large and small.