Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Few More Treasures

I haven't been out and about much lately, mostly due to being stuck at home for the past 6 weeks recovering from my operation, so I have only picked up a few things. Last weekend we made a trip to pick up some xmas pressies so I popped into the YMCA shop. I found the bamboo handles above which were perfect for the linen bag I had sitting in my cupboard for about a year or more. This is now my new work/day bag. Its great and only cost $4 in total.

My arm was still bandaged when the last church sale was on so I dragged the whole family along. I bought some sequin fruit and a bag of doilies. Mr T lost the beaded jug over on the way to the counter:( The small cup and saucers sets above were $6 for the pair.

On the last trip to the tip shop I found this cutie. It is only small and has ceramic flowers on silk under the glass ~$1.

Plaster house plaque, handmade and painted in Portugal, YMCA $1.

Ridgway Grecian transferware plate ~$1 from the tip shop.

Best of all is the poker tournament trophy $4. This is perfect for our family poker nights. Now we have a trophy to pass around to the winner. The winners names will be engraved on the back and passed on. Kade found the poker glasses at the 'Hot Dollar' store for $3, he will wear these for the next tournament on xmas night. Kade has a good poker face and has won the last two game nights (did I mention he is only 8? hehe).

p.s. The kids had a photo taken with Santa last weekend. Santa asked their names and what they would like for Christmas. India answered 'Bitty Buttons' (her favourite) and Kade answered 'Paint'..what?? We think he choked under the pressure because he really wants a remote control toy..hehe


petals and vintage said...

Love it all Tamara, especially the Portuguese plaque. Take care.

Pam x

Heidi said...

You are an amazing shopper while recovering, what did you have surgery for I have missed this I'll try to go back and find out. I'm glad you are doing better!

*Maristella* said...

Woaw...che meraviglia queste antiche cose!!
Le adoro!!!
Un abbraccio e buon lavoro a te, *Maristella*.

Catherine said...

Hello dear Tamara, how's that hand of yours coming along? Must be getting a bit pesky round now with all the extra food prep & stuff to do. Still it doesn't seem to have effected your eye for a bargain. I swear that I have just ironed a piece of Sanderson identical to your bag : ) Those cane handles are great aren't they...never wear out! Wishing you & your family a wonderful Christmas. Much love Catherine xx

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hello Tamara....!

How are you doin' Lovey....?? I hope your hand is healing well....I'm sorry to hear it's taking a while....!!!!!

And the rain....I KNEW you'd received more than your fair share but C-R-I-K-E-Y....Yes....You've definitely had ENOUGH for sure....!!!

THANK YOU for your note....hahahahahaha....As 'therapy' goes....It's a CHEAP alternative to others available me thinks.... :o) !!

If I don't 'speak' with you before the 'fat man' makes his way down your chimney, I hope you & your family enjoy a WONDERFUL & SAFE Christmas break....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah xxx

PS: I had to laugh at both your kids Christmas wishes....I LOVE that India wanted buttons & kacked out loud at Kade's response....TOO CUTE....!!