Friday, September 3, 2010

A pop of colour: Teal

I love colour. I am not the sort of person that could live in an all white house, although I do like the look of it, all clean and crisp, colour enables me to breathe. I seem to be particularly drawn to teal, a mix of green and blue, and have many items in this colour range dotted throughout our home.

The one colour that I am not so keen on is yellow...I know its bright and sunny but yellow clothing (and cars) drive me nuts. Every time my kids see something yellow they are quick to point it out, with a little sarcasm "oh..mum, you would like that"...but they have inherited my idiosyncrasies as well because they dislike yellow as much as me...he he

Do you have a favourite colour that has filtered its way throughout your life, in your house, clothing or even your car?

Thanks all for the lovely comments re. our Anniversary. Mr T gave me a huge bunch of flowers, fixed the leaking tap (aka flood) in the shower and arrived home early from work (the kids and I were down the shops so no one was home for the surprise..he he)


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Morning Lovey....!

I'm GLAD you had a LOVEY Anniversary....!

I am SO not a yellow person myself....I'm drawn to reds & greens....And you know....while I DO love those two colours, I think my findness for them has come about because of the 'availability factor'....THEY are the two colours I find MOST of in the Hard Rubbish & at the Markets....I DO love blues as well but just don't find enough Treasures in this colour to work with....!!

I LOVE your globes by the way....If you EVER tire of them you know where I am....hahahahaha....!

I hope you, hubby & kids enjoy a relaxing weekend....!

Cheers from here,
Tamarah :o)

A Treasured Past said...

Morning Tamarah,

Hope you are bracing yourself for some wild weather down your way :( Its wet here, but not so bad..yet that is. Apparently Goulburn and Canberra and in for wild winds, we are very close to both so we will see how we fair.

I will keep you in mind if I want a change with the globes.... if I find another I will send it down your way :)

Off to the movies today, the kids want to see Despicable ME...

Have a good on too, Tamara